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Why Is Cascadia the Right Partner to Support
Your Success Story from Start to Finish?

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Cascadia is one of the largest independent advisory only investment banks in the country. With this scale and a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we work together as a team in each deal for the common success of our client stakeholders. We pick our clients as much as our clients pick us. This ensures that we are working with leading companies which offers us collectively the ability to maximize results in an efficient process, in any market environment. Simplistically, growth sells and we know how to sell it. We combine the success of your business with the unique attributes of our investment banking process.

We are changing the investment banking paradigm. Leveraging deep sub-vertical industry knowledge, a unique process orientation that marries creative storytelling, modularity and traditional process rigor, and a long-term partnership approach, we aim to deliver optimal value for our clients. We are not rooted in traditional methods and reliant on a one-size-fits-all methodology. Rather, we create a custom deal strategy designed to leverage your attributes and overcome impediments that, when effectively deployed, drives outcomes outside the norm on valuation, terms and other qualitative aspects of your transaction.

Top-Tier Firm Partnership Cascadia

We Elevate Your Business with
Sub-Vertical Expertise

Our bankers are experts in their respective industries and sub-verticals they cover, which means they can provide a level of service well beyond a typical investment banker and deliver a true long-term partner across a wide variety of value-add services.

Their expertise brings proven relationships with buyers to navigate important nuances in market demand and valuation and delivers to you exact and specific insights to maximize interest and value.

Our bankers stay current on market trends, risks, and opportunities, making them valuable and trusted advisors prior to and during your transaction process. We believe creativity is an essential element of any success story, and our bankers thrive on creating differentiated advice and customized processes that help drive optimal outcomes.

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Investment Banking Professionals with Specific Sub-Vertical Industry Expertise

We are a Top-Tier Independent Firm

Cascadia is a national firm with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We work together as a team in each deal for the common success of our client stakeholders. Powering our commitment and capabilities is a diverse platform that can support your unique needs holistically and efficiently.

We believe investment banking is a team sport. When you partner with us, you gain a full platform that can support your specific story with the appropriate level of resources and reach. When there are synergies between your process and other areas of the platform, we leverage our expertise and resources from other specialized teams. By combining these, we can better position you to ensure we are driving the optimal result for all stakeholders.

We Believe in Building
Long-Term Partnerships First

We prioritize building and nurturing long-term partnerships above all else, as we believe it should be the first chapter of any success story. We align with you to advise on the right time to finance or monetize your business, which often means thinking about a transaction strategy and process that unfolds over time. With this north star – to prioritize optimizing your outcome versus just getting a deal done – leading our process, we strive to provide value before an engagement is even in place. We want you to clearly experience our passion and commitment to realizing your success, lasting from the start to finish of the process.

Achieving Successful Outcomes Through the Cascadia Advantage

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Years of Experience

Our Level of Experience Matters in Today’s
and Tomorrow’s Markets

Given our experience throughout various markets and cycles, we understand how to deal with the many different challenges and obstacles that may impact your story. Our Cascadia advantage facilitates navigating complex situations quickly and precisely, helping you get a deal done the right way. We have been achieving success this way since our inception, and we will continue to elevate our approach. We change with the times, making our value proposition durable through market cycles.

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Our Strong Track Record Demonstrates That Although Our Approach is Specialized, it is Also Repeatable

We believe that specializing is our specialty, so you receive an approach that aligns with your specific needs. With our sub-vertical expertise, we offer industry breadth while maintaining sector depth. We marry this expertise with our team culture, often involving multiple bankers across industries and products to deliver a holistic client experience that ensures we drive the right and best outcome for each unique client situation. Our approach provides a level of specialization you will not find elsewhere.

We Create Success Story
After Success Story

Our platform supports clients from start to finish through multiple processes. We believe it is best to hear how these success stories were created directly from our clients, as they were once at the start of the process like you are now.

A Highly Global Reach
That Feels Local.

*Source: Select Wall Street Research