Ilya Seglin Headshot

Ilya Seglin

Managing Director
Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce

We All Have Different Chapters That Get Bounded Together to Create a Unique Story.

My Career Highlights

  • Leading beauty & personal care sector coverage at Cascadia Capital
  • Track record of working with founders in the beauty sector
  • Previous experience as a research analyst covering retail and luxury goods

My Personal Interests

  • New York City arts and cultural activities
  • Travel to destinations rich in history and offering special culinary experiences
  • Self-diagnosed “obsessive” pet parent

My Expertise

  • Working with founders, entrepreneurs, and operators in the beauty sector to help them achieve their strategic and financial goals.
  • Having a global perspective and knowing that each client’s needs are as unique as the solutions they require.
  • Strategically focusing on the beauty & personal care sectors with a wholistic perspective – from contract manufacturers to branded businesses to physical and digital retailers – to determine value creation levers for any business along the value chain.