Playing to Our Strengths to Elevate Your Business.

We believe that we are the best partner to create successful outcomes. Our team is transparent and client-focused, with expertise across a wide range of industries, products and sub-verticals. We are different from most investment banks because we are not conflicted by trading, lending, research, or cross-selling business. We are completely focused on realizing your goals, as they are our goals too.

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Managing Directors

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Investment Banking



Senior Leadership

Scott Ames Headshot
Scott Ames Managing Director Financial Sponsors Group
Owen Baldrica Headshot
Owen Baldrica Director Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
Katherine Bellows Headshot
Katherine Bellows Managing Director Investment Banking Services & Client Origination
Jamie Boyd Headshot
Jamie Boyd Managing Director Energy Transition & Climate Tech
Michael Butler Headshot
Michael Butler Chairman & CEO
Kevin Cable Headshot
Kevin Cable Co-Founder and Managing Director, Venture Capital Coverage Financial Sponsors Group
Hugh Campbell Headshot
Hugh Campbell Managing Director Business Services
James Cartales Headshot
James Cartales Managing Director Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce
Teague Collins Headshot
Teague Collins Managing Director Software
Erik Einwalter Headshot
Erik Einwalter Managing Director Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
Carle Felton Headshot
Carle Felton Managing Director Capital Markets
Ben Freking Headshot
Ben Freking Director Healthcare
Kevin Frisch Headshot
Kevin Frisch Managing Director Industrials
Kerri Hagen Headshot
Kerri Hagen Director Financial Sponsors Group
Naaman Heyman Headshot
Naaman Heyman Managing Director Industrials
Bryan Jaffe Headshot
Bryan Jaffe Chief Operating Officer, Investment Banking and Managing Director Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
John Lanza Headshot
John Lanza Managing Director Business Services
Tim Lufkin Headshot
Tim Lufkin Managing Director Financial Sponsors Group
Meredith Mann Headshot
Meredith Mann Chief Operating Officer, Finance & Administration
Vitaliy Marchenko Headshot
Vitaliy Marchenko Director Healthcare
Connor Mitchell Headshot
Connor Mitchell Managing Director Business Services
Lindsey Monteleone Headshot
Lindsey Monteleone Head of Talent Strategy & Development
Firdaus Pohowalla Headshot
Firdaus Pohowalla Managing Director Industrials
Scott Porter Headshot
Scott Porter Managing Director Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
Matthew Riendeau Headshot
Matthew Riendeau Managing Director Software
Christian Schiller Headshot
Christian Schiller Vice Chairman, Market Development
Ilya Seglin Headshot
Ilya Seglin Managing Director Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce
George Sent Headshot
George Sent Managing Director Food, Beverage & Agribusiness
Jim Stone Headshot
Jim Stone Managing Director Software
Adam Stormoen Headshot
Adam Stormoen Managing Director Healthcare
William Susman Headshot
William Susman Managing Director Consumer, Retail & E-Commerce