Cascadia Capital’s Winter 2021 Newsletter

December 20, 2021

As this extraordinary year draws to a close, we are seeing no end in sight for the current supercycle. The boom in growth and activity continues, fueled by unprecedented technology innovation, a surplus of cash, and low interest rates. Rising inflation and the prospect of upcoming interest rate hikes have not deterred dealmakers.

In our Winter Newsletter, we review the key factors fueling the current market dynamics and we provide three 2022 business resolutions and tips for companies looking to transact in the year ahead. We also take a closer look at the pandemic’s effect on the dealmaking environment and share how we are working with our clients to dissect their financials and identify what we call their COVID valuation gap.

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  • The supercycle continues and we expect deal activity to accelerate again in January.
  • 2021 has been an inflection year with the Fourth Industrial Revolution taking flight.
  • High prices have heightened buyer expectations; deals are restructured, re-traded, or abandoned if a company misses its numbers by a small margin.
  • Companies looking to sell need to understand their COVID valuation gap to avoid surprises.

As we continue living in these historic times, our entire Cascadia team is committed to helping entrepreneur- and family-owned businesses fulfill their aspirations and capitalize on the fundamental shifts happening across all sectors.

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