Novan Le
Novan Le

Novan Le

Senior Vice President
  • Healthcare

Q & A

  • Q: Trust. Experience. Independence. Results. What does this mean to you?

    Entrepreneurs, business operators and shareholders instill their trust in us every day. These are guiding principles that we operate by in order to achieve the best outcomes for companies that our clients have spent many years building.

  • Q: What drives you?

    Our approach to building a long-lasting firm by focusing on long-term value, teamwork and striving for the best results for our companies.

  • Q: What are you passionate about?

    I want to see a positive change in our healthcare economy. Healthcare tech is still in its early innings with lots of opportunities for rapid transformation to more efficiently deliver care to all of those in need. We have the unique opportunity to work with some of the best entrepreneurs and operators in healthcare at the forefront of this evolution.


Novan Le is a Senior Vice President in Cascadia Capital’s Healthcare Group, focused on M&A and growth equity advisory for healthcare technology and services companies. Novan brings over 10 years of corporate finance and M&A experience working with public and private companies in the healthcare and technology sectors.

Prior to joining Cascadia Capital in 2016, Novan worked at FT Partners in San Francisco covering M&A and capital raising transactions in the financial technology (FinTech) space – specifically payments, banking and capital markets software. Previously, Novan worked for a Seattle-based Multi-Family Office making private investments in the enterprise software sector.

Novan holds a Bachelor’s in Finance and Mathematics from the University of Washington.

Notable Transactions

Trust. Experience. Independence. Results.

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