Kevin Cable
Kevin Cable

Kevin Cable

Managing Director
  • Healthcare

Q & A

“Always put yourself in the clients’ shoes. It provides a more balanced perspective.”

  • Q: Trust. Experience. Independence. Results. What does this mean to you?

    We grew Cascadia on these foundational elements and the integrity of the business decisions that tie them together. When the owner of a business decides to raise significant capital or sell it entirely, it is a life-changing event for him and it deserves our full respect.

  • Q: What drives you?

    I never tire of learning new things – from others, experiences or books. It keeps a person humble and fresh. I’m naturally gregarious, so I also enjoy the personal elements of my work.

  • Q: What are you passionate about?

    It sounds trite, but I want to leave things better than I found them. In the case of Cascadia, we have worked hard to build a firm that is durable and will have a positive impact on our region and the companies we serve. I think of each mandate as a step forward for both the company and people that run them. I strive to make sure we measurably improve the shareholder value of every client we work with.


Kevin leads the efforts in Healthcare and Digital Health. Having co-founded Cascadia, he has worn many hats in the firm, but has spent most of his time working in the technology group with enterprise and consumer software companies. His transaction history is split evenly between M&A sell side mandates and equity private placements.

His focus and expertise in the Healthcare space includes:

  • Clinical Workflow & Practice Management
  • Patient Engagement & Care Coordination
  • RCM, Payor Management & Medical Billing
  • Analytics and Information Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Workflow and Interoperability
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare Services: Urgent Care, Primary Care, Behavior Health, Physical Therapy, Diabetes, Wound Care, Health & Wellness

Kevin brings deep operational experience as an entrepreneur, software CEO and has served on the boards of several technology companies and Industry organizations


Kevin Cable is co-founder and Managing Director of Cascadia Capital.  He founded the firm’s efforts in Healthcare & Digital Health drawing from a deep history in software, analytics, big data and consumer applications.  He is also responsible for cultivating strategic relationships for the firm.

Kevin focuses on a broad spectrum of transactions that include equity private placements, M&A mandates, recapitalizations and buyouts. Having built a career split between operating companies and investment banking, he brings a grounded and balanced perspective to help companies achieve their transaction goals. He maintains that “making payroll” is an experience everyone should achieve at least once in his or her life.

Prior to co-founding Cascadia, Cable served 14 years on the executive teams of several technology companies, including Numera Software, which he co-founded and led as CEO.  Kevin currently serves on the board of directors for the Washington Research Foundation and has formerly served as a director of the Washington Software Alliance, the Washington State Technology Alliance, the Alliance of Angels, Innovate Washington Foundation and several private technology companies.

He holds a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington.  He lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife of 32 years. They have two grown children and two enormous Bernese Mountain dogs.

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Trust. Experience. Independence. Results.

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