Erik Einwalter
Erik Einwalter

Erik Einwalter

Managing Director
  • Food, Beverage & Agribusiness

Q & A

  • Q: Trust. Experience. Independence. Results. What does this mean to you?

    Trust enables us to become advisors rather than service providers. Trust isn’t possible without experience or independence. When we can become a trusted advisor, we can drive results.

  • Q: What drives you?

    Helping the people behind the deal.  I achieve personal satisfaction when we work with great people and produce exceptional results, establishing lifelong relationships along the way.

  • Q: What are you passionate about?

    Any banker can sell a great business.  My goal is to approach each transaction differently – avoid the playbook and take a creative approach based on the situational selling attributes – this is what yields great results for any business.


As part of the Food, Beverage & Ag team, Erik has built substantial experience understanding how these businesses transact.  Being able to recognize the specific point of differentiation for a client is critical to success, whether it is a brand positioning, proprietary manufacturing or unique formulations, transaction experience enables Erik to readily identify the sellable attributes of a client’s business.

Erik maintains specific domain expertise infood and beverage, working with branded companies in the space as well as those who manufacture for others in the form of contract manufacturing, private label and food service. He has notable experience in large scale beverage manufacturing, unique drivers of the coffee segment, attributes across various plant based food offerings, and the value chain in the seafood sector. His transactional expertise is rooted in Mergers & Acquisitions, augmented with extensive equity and debt private placements.


Erik Einwalter is a Managing Director in Cascadia Capital’s Food, Beverage & Ag practice group. He is responsible for originating and executing transactions across the food and beverage sectors, working with branded offerings and various manufacturers of finished products, with additional coverage throughout the consumer and seafood landscape. Throughout his career, he has completed over 40 transactions with over $2.0B in total value.

Prior to Cascadia Capital, Erik worked at Salem Partners in Los Angeles where he delivered sell-side, equity placement and valuation services to clients across numerous industries.

Erik holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Finance from the University of Washington.


Trust. Experience. Independence. Results.

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