Packaged Food & Beverage: Industry Perspectives

Packaged food and beverage is among the most dynamic segments in the capital markets. The industry is undergoing a seismic shift driven by evolving consumer preferences and demographic changes. These forces are rewriting everything we know about the industry — how products are made, where they are sold, how brands connect with customers, and how retailers merchandise and drive traffic. When an industry changes this dramatically, it reformulates the recipe for success. Companies that get ahead of the change curve stand to benefit, enabling them to enjoy exceptional growth rates and create outsized shareholder value.

Cascadia Capital seeks to make sense of the emerging food and beverage landscape by maintaining relationships with operating companies, with debt and equity capital markets participants, and with corporate leaders. We also seek to partner with, position, and advise companies that are poised to benefit from the changes we identify, and will thereby to be valued by the buyers and investors with which we interface.

In our Cascadia Capital Food & Beverage Industry Perspectives found below, we outline our current perspectives on the packaged food and beverage market.

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