Cascadia Capital Advises Papertrail in Acquisition by SolarWinds

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SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT performance management solutions, today announced the acquisition of Papertrail, a Cloud-based log management company, for a cash purchase price of $41 million. This addition to the SolarWinds Cloud product family, joining the Pingdom® andLibrato® offerings, represents the latest step in the company’s efforts to offer solutions to monitor and manage Cloud-based applications, websites and infrastructure. This new technology application will enable SolarWinds to extend and connect log management capabilities from on-premise IT infrastructures to Cloud and SaaS-based environments. Cascadia Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Papertrail in this transaction.

Performance matters to today’s modern operations teams, specifically the performance of the applications and infrastructure that help businesses operate and succeed. In the rapidly emerging Cloud era, complex technologies, along with dynamic infrastructure and application architectures, are creating new challenges in developing and managing the performance of Cloud-based business-critical applications and websites.

The SolarWinds Cloud product family gives IT Pros, DevOps, developers, website and Web application owners the ability to solve a specific problem or use a combination of integrated products to manage availability and uptime; optimize performance; and monitor costs. The portfolio of tools provides full stack application performance visibility all the way from an end user’s perspective to the underlying infrastructure.

When an application is slow or down, every minute counts as IT Pros, DevOps and developers work to resolve the issue and limit impact. A key step in troubleshooting the problem is the analysis of log data, which can be a time-consuming and complex process. A successful strategy around supporting and troubleshooting application performance, and ultimately business performance, must include user-friendly log management capability.

  • Papertrail enables IT Pros, DevOps and developers to quickly and easily collect, monitor, search, interpret and act on log data regardless of location whether on-premise, SaaS-based or in the Cloud, providing a simplified view into the rich log data generated by the infrastructure and applications.
  • Together, the SolarWinds Cloud offerings – Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail – give users a single pane of glass experience for visualizing and interpreting how application performance impacts end-user customer experience, key business metrics and the infrastructure as well as the records of log data generated by the application needed to troubleshoot problems.

“Our mission with SolarWinds Cloud is to offer IT operations teams the ability to extend the real-time visibility and actionable insights our products provide on-premise to their cloud-based infrastructure so they can effectively manage the performance and accelerated troubleshooting of native cloud applications. Regardless of the type, importance or location (AWS, Azure, Google or a datacenter), we will offer a heterogeneous application and website management solution to help manage and ensure performance,” said Kevin Thompson, President and CEO, SolarWinds. “The acquisition of Papertrail adds another key element of that overall performance monitoring experience and we look forward to having the Papertrail team and technology as a part of our organization.”

“In working with SolarWinds, we’ve seen a shared appreciation for simple, practical products that really shine in everyday use,” said Troy Davis, CEO and co-founder, Papertrail. “Because it’s built by and for engineers, Papertrail resolutely focuses on the actual problems and processes that operations teams face. That same philosophy drives SolarWinds’ infrastructure management products, so joining the SolarWinds family lets us continue providing a product that users love and enables us to enhance it even faster.”

Through the strength of its product offering, Papertrail has earned the trust of some of the leading Internet-based brands, such as Adobe®, GitHub® and DNSimple™.

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