Specialty Sales, LLC

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  • Specialty Sales, LLC (“SSLLC”) is a Fresno, California based, provider of automated hoof bath systems and the preventative hoof care treatment products utilized in these systems for commercial dairies in the United States
  • The Company’s product significantly reduces the incidence rate of hoof disease, a significant cause of economic loss on commercial dairies
  • SSLLC operates a “razor/razor blade” business model by installing and servicing its best-in-class hoof bath systems, and then selling and delivering its proprietary liquid chemical solution blends on a recurring basis


  • SSLLC’s operating model created a steady, recurring revenue base; the Company had grown every year since inception and maintained strong margins
  • The Company’s owner was nearing retirement age and looking for a long-term, patient, partner that would build on his legacy, reputation, culture, and take the business to the next phase of growth
  • The owner wanted top dollar for his business, however was concerned that the Company’s lack of scale and one product business model would prevent it from achieving a valuation premium

Our Specialized Approach

  • In spite of the Company’s lack of scale and one product business model, Cascadia saw significant value in SSLLC if properly positioned. Cascadia worked with the Company to create a scalable and detailed growth plan and financial model while highlighting the Company’s unique characteristics such as its recurring revenue model
  • Cascadia reached out to a targeted group of potential buyers that fit both the owner’s economic objectives as well as social objectives for the business
  • Cascadia ultimately received 16 LOI’s before choosing a family office acquirer in Benford Capital Partners as the right fit for the owner’s goals
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