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  • Plant Response Inc. (“the Company”) is an industry consolidator of leading biologics-based solutions, recovered waste fertilizers, and other crop input technologies, having recently acquired the following entities: Koch Biological Solutions (2019), Pathway BioLogic (2020), and WISErg (2021)
  • This combination of businessess brought together a diverse portfolio of 16 commercialized products aiming to enhance grower returns by improving nutrient use and efficiency, disease defense, biocontrol, tolerance to abiotic stress, and overall crop yields


  • With the Company’s consolidation strategy came a large group of venture capital and strategic investors, of whom brought varying perspectives on optimal investment horizon and exit strategy
  • Across these options, the board of directors decided the Company’s best path forward was an exit to a strategic counterparty who had the resources to accelerate both commercialization of current products and development of pipeline technologies

Our Specialized Approach

  • Cascadia led a targeted outreach process for a full acquisition, primarily targeting strategic acquirers that understood the value of the Company’s product portfolio and with the means to act quickly
  • The process ultimately led to a transaction with The Mosaic Company (“Mosaic”), a leading company in the global agriculture fertilizer and chemicals market
  • Mosaic will provide a stable platform for Plant Response Inc. to continue commercial expansion of existing products through access of its broad grower base, while also unlocking value held within the Company’s innovative product pipeline
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