Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc.

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Dynamic Isolation Systems Logo has been acquired by Kawakin Holdings Company (TSE: 5614) Logo


  • Based in Reno, NV, Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. (“DIS”) is a leading designer & manufacturer of seismic isolation products for structures and equipment that are vulnerable to vibrations caused by natural forces
  • Over its 30+ year history, DIS has become a market leader by providing over 20,000 seismic products for more than 400 projects worldwide, including prominent projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco City Hall and the 1.7 million square-foot Tan Tzu Medical Center in Taiwan
  • DIS offers customers technical services including feasibility studies, budget developments and value engineering, leading to a reduction in costs of up to 30% on projects where DIS participates from the design/concept phase


  • The shareholders of the business grew DIS into a leading provider and developer of earthquake protection products and sought an exit from the business through an acquirer who could continue the company’s growth trajectory
  • The timing of the transaction was ideal for the shareholders to exit, due to a strong global M&A market for highly engineered building products
  • Cascadia was engaged to run a sale process for 100% of the company

Our Specialized Approach

  • Cascadia conducted a targeted process to a short list of high-likely, strategic buyers that could realize significant revenue and operational synergies with DIS
  • Cascadia strategically positioned DIS’s highly engineered products and market knowledge, resulting in a competitive process in which the Company received multiple offers, all from buyers in Asia and Europe
  • Kawakin Holdings Company (TSE: 5614), a Japanese manufacturer of building products, saw synergies with DIS through international expansion into the US, new product offerings, engineering knowledge and distribution channel opportunities
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