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  • Based in Portland, Oregon, Clinicient is a provider of integrated revenue cycle management software and services for outpatient rehabilitation clinics.
  • Clinicient provides rehab clinics with the software and services to effectively manage their practices and increase the efficiency of the claims reimbursement process.


  • With over 50% year-over-year growth, Clinicient had a significant opportunity to become the leading software and services provider to healthcare rehab clinics because it had a compelling business model, strong barriers to entry and limited competitors (only one other dedicated competitor in the market).
  • Clinicient is the only solution that provides a fully integrated end-to-end platform.
  • Capital raised was used to complete technology investments in the platform and invest in the sales and marketing functions.

Cascadia Process

  • Cascadia was brought on as the exclusive financial advisor to the company and ran a targeted marketing effort focused on investors that understood the dynamics of a vertical specific SaaS and tech-enabled services platform within the healthcare sector.
  • The process attracted significant investor interest, resulting in multiple term sheets, thereby allowing Clinicient to choose the investor that was the best fit from a strategic, management and future growth perspective.

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Building Trust

“We talked to a number of advisors and Cascadia stood out because they understood our business, knew potential buyers, were excited about our message and had the eagerness to dig in. They ran an efficient process, which resulted in a great outcome for LeaveLogic, its employees and shareholders.”

Anna Steffeney  |  CEO/Founder

“Cascadia helped develop the confidence of myself and my management team regarding a transaction. They supported us at every point along the way.”

Joan Wellman  |  Founder
JWA Consulting

“Cascadia did an exceptional job positioning us in front of funds that align with our strategy and value. Their deep healthcare knowledge and relationships were key to receiving multiple offers and running a process that lasted less than three months.”

Ryan Schmid  |  President & CEO
Vera Whole Health

“Working with Cascadia was both rewarding and insightful.  It was a pleasure watching the team expertly navigate a process that I personally was quite familiar with. The Automotive Aftermarket group was the best team of bankers I have worked with.”

Greg Chapman  |  Chairman of the Board

“Cascadia designed a custom process that focused on finding us the right partner who valued our culture and mission, which in turn delivered a great outcome for all of our stakeholders.”

Jamie Danek  |  CEO
Humm Kombucha

“I’m grateful to Cascadia for their insightful counsel and thoroughness in selecting a buyer who valued our unique growth opportunity and was committed to maintaining the integrity of our brand.”

Keith Robbins  |  Founder
Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts, Inc.

“Cascadia took the time to understand our brand, legacy, customer relationships and the potential of our company. They carefully explained to my family the advantages and potential challenges closely-held businesses can experience in transactions like ours.”

Gina Batali  |  Owner
Salumi Artisan Cured Meats

“Cascadia was outstanding at resolving complex issues throughout the entire acquisition process. They instilled confidence among all the parties with their creativity and professionalism.”

Jim Sweeney  |  Vice President & General Manager
Super Supplements Vitamin Shoppe

“Cascadia has an incredible mix of technology savvy, relentlessly practical advice, and nuanced delivery. Cascadia represented us far better than we could have ever done ourselves.”

Troy Davis  |  CEO & Co-Founder
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